Integrating Social Media

You can integrate social media plugins into YourWebShop.

For further information on how to integrate social media plugins in to YourWebShop visit the help guide HERE.

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Why Add Social Share Buttons?

The success of your WebShop depends largely on how many people visit it and one important way to increase traffic is to include social media plugins on every page. By adding social sharing buttons YourWebShop visitors and customers can help promote YourWebShop for you. Social sharing buttons are free advertising. People will recognise YourWebShop once likes, tweets and shares begin to increase.


Social share buttons give you social signals

Search engines such as Google now include the strength of a link in social media as an algorithm ranking factor. The strength is calculated from the number of times that a page is liked, shared, tweeted and posted in social media. This means that if the pages of YourWebShop are frequently shared, it will improve their search engine ranking for relevant keywords. You are missing out on a huge opportunity if you don’t include social share buttons, since they make it so much easier for a visitor to pass along your pages to their network.


Social share buttons increase brand exposure

Everyday millions of people use social networks.  Not everybody that could benefit from YourWebShop has heard of your business. By including social share buttons on YourWebShop pages you increase the likelihood of getting YourWebShop and company brand in front of potential new customers. When one of your site visitors share a page with their social network, it may get seen by a new potential customer, who then might share it with their network etc. This is an important way to increase your number of social followers and improve the visibility of your brand, with limitless possibilities.



Social share buttons encourage a good user experience

It is important to make any interactions that potential customers have with YourWebShop and brand an easy and smooth process. Social share buttons make it easy for visitors to share content, reducing the amount of thought and steps they have to take to share the link. If they find YourWebShop interesting or helpful they can quickly share it by simply clicking a single button.

By failing to include social sharing buttons, you are denying your visitors an easy way to share YourWebShop with their friends on the social networks they belong to. Imagine the situation where you capture the interest of a visitor who sees the value of your site who has hundreds of friends on Facebook or thousands of followers on Twitter. They may be inspired to share YourWebShop but lack of social sharing buttons prevent them from doing so.

You have effectively removed the potential of YourWebShop to suddenly reach hundreds of Facebook and thousands of Twitter users. Yes, the visitor could copy and paste your URL, but in reality many people are turned off by the idea of having to do that rather than clicking easily on a social share button.


Social share buttons help develop natural links

If you include social share buttons on YourWebShop pages, people will share your links with others. Over time, people will do more than just share the links on their social networks, they will also create valuable natural links. As more and more visitors share your page links on social networks, you will increase the chances of gaining natural links.


Social share buttons help drive more traffic to YourWebShop

Increasing the amount of traffic to YourWebShop is one of the biggest benefits of adding social share buttons. With so many website options online, it can be difficult to get your pages found and browsed. Sharing pages simply increases overall traffic. Rather than making it hard for people to share, make it easier by including share buttons.



Social share buttons add value

You want your social share buttons to add as much value as possible to YourWebShop. When adding buttons to your pages you may be tempted to put them at the bottom or the top. It is actually much more effective to put them in both places, adding value for both the user and you.


Social Sharing buttons increase search engine ranking

Social sharing buttons will help YourWebShop go up the search engine ranks as they result in increased traffic. It is however important to make sure the content on your pages is engaging and worth sharing. Every time visitors or satisfied customers share your pages, more and more people will see your brand and site. Your sites strength is measured by how many times it is liked, tweeted, shared or posted in different social network sites. YourWebShop will get better ranking if your pages are shared frequently. If you include these social sharing buttons on every page, it will be easier for visitors to promote your pages and site.

For further information on how to integrate social media plugins in to YourWebShop visit the help guide HERE.

Should you require any further assistance integrating social media into YourWebShop, please contact the ecommerce support team on 01244 283208.